Listen to the Jack Hines Trio


The Mosey Boys — One-Takes [The Mosey Boys, 2016]

As a Solo Artist:

Jack Hines — Yearning for the Sun [Jack Hines, 2006]

Natural Soundscapes:

Jack Hines — Death Valley Oasis [Wild Sanctuary, 2010]

Jack Hines & Bernie Krause — Sequoia High Country [Wild Sanctuary, 2003]

With Other Artists:

John Burdick — Somewhere [Sonoma Mountain Records, 2003]


Tara MacLean — Silence [Nettwerk, 1996]

Penelope Houston — Once in a Blue Moon [Normal Germany, 2000]

Monica Pasqual & the Planet Ranch — Three Complete Novels [Fabulously Wealthy Music, 1996]

Woody Simmons — Banjorama [Deep River, 2001]

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